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New User Guides

New user guides, also known as tutorials, describe practical steps for users to follow in order to complete some concrete action. These docs are known as "learning-oriented" docs in which users learn by "doing".

The new user guides are designed to guide beginners, or the everyday users of Rancher, through a series of steps to learn how to do something. The goal is that the user will be able to learn how to complete tasks by using easy-to-follow, meaningful, and repeatable directions. These guides will assist users to do work to then get the promised results immediately.

The average Rancher user has a level of technical skill that is above the level of "beginner"; however, the new user guides are designed to help new, or beginner, users as well as the seasoned Rancher customer equally. This is accomplished by using a combination of high-level and technical language to introduce topics and guide the user through general tasks that are essential for every Rancher user to know.