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Version: v2.0-v2.4


If your organization uses Fluentd, you can configure Rancher to send it Kubernetes logs. Afterwards, you can log into your Fluentd server to view logs.

Prerequisites: Configure Fluentd input forward to receive the event stream.

See Fluentd Documentation for details.

Fluentd Configuration

You can add multiple Fluentd Servers. First, click Add Fluentd Server. For each Fluentd server, complete the configuration information:

  1. In the Endpoint field, enter the address and port of your Fluentd instance, e.g. http://Fluentd-server:24224.

  2. Enter the Shared Key if your Fluentd Server is using a shared key for authentication.

  3. Enter the Username and Password if your Fluentd Server is using username and password for authentication.

  4. Optional: Enter the Hostname of the Fluentd server.

  5. Enter the load balancing Weight of the Fluentd server. If the weight of one server is 20 and the other server is 30, events will be sent in a 2:3 ratio. If you do not enter a weight, the default weight is 60.

  6. If this server is a standby server, check Use as Standby Only. Standby servers are used when all other servers are not available.

After adding all the Fluentd servers, you have the option to select Enable Gzip Compression. By default, this is enabled because the transferred payload size will be reduced.

SSL Configuration

If your Fluentd servers are using TLS, you need to select Use TLS. If you are using a self-signed certificate, provide the CA Certificate PEM. You can copy and paste the certificate or upload it using the Read from a file button.

Note: Fluentd does not support self-signed certificates when client authentication is enabled.