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Version: v2.0-v2.4

Disabling Istio

This section describes how to disable Istio in a cluster, namespace, or workload.

Disable Istio in a Cluster

To disable Istio,

  1. From the Global view, navigate to the cluster that you want to disable Istio for.
  2. Click Tools > Istio.
  3. Click Disable, then click the red button again to confirm the disable action.

Result: The cluster-istio application in the cluster's system project gets removed. The Istio sidecar cannot be deployed on any workloads in the cluster.

Disable Istio in a Namespace

  1. In the Rancher UI, go to the project that has the namespace where you want to disable Istio.
  2. On the Workloads tab, you will see a list of namespaces and the workloads deployed in them. Go to the namespace where you want to disable and click the > Disable Istio Auto Injection.

Result: When workloads are deployed in this namespace, they will not have the Istio sidecar.

Remove the Istio Sidecar from a Workload

Disable Istio in the namespace, then redeploy the workloads with in it. They will be deployed without the Istio sidecar.