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Version: v2.0-v2.4

Applying Pod Security Policies to Projects

These cluster options are only available for clusters in which Rancher has launched Kubernetes.

You can always assign a pod security policy (PSP) to an existing project if you didn't assign one during creation.


Applying a Pod Security Policy

  1. From the Global view, find the cluster containing the project you want to apply a PSP to.
  2. From the main menu, select Projects/Namespaces.
  3. Find the project that you want to add a PSP to. From that project, select > Edit.
  4. From the Pod Security Policy drop-down, select the PSP you want to apply to the project. Assigning a PSP to a project will:
  • Override the cluster's default PSP.
  • Apply the PSP to the project.
  • Apply the PSP to any namespaces you add to the project later.
  1. Click Save.

Result: The PSP is applied to the project and any namespaces added to the project.

Note: Any workloads that are already running in a cluster or project before a PSP is assigned will not be checked to determine if they comply with the PSP. Workloads would need to be cloned or upgraded to see if they pass the PSP.