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Version: v2.0-v2.4

Rancher v2.1

Self Assessment Guide

This guide corresponds to specific versions of the hardening guide, Rancher, Kubernetes, and the CIS Benchmark:

Self Assessment Guide VersionRancher VersionHardening Guide VersionKubernetes VersionCIS Benchmark Version
Self Assessment Guide v2.1Rancher v2.1.xHardening Guide v2.1Kubernetes 1.11Benchmark 1.3.0

Hardening Guide

This hardening guide is intended to be used with specific versions of the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark, Kubernetes, and Rancher:

Hardening Guide VersionRancher VersionCIS Benchmark VersionKubernetes Version
Hardening Guide v2.1Rancher v2.1.xBenchmark v1.3.0Kubernetes 1.11