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Version: v2.5

Uninstall Monitoring

  1. From the Cluster Explorer, click Apps & Marketplace.
  2. Click Installed Apps.
  3. Go to the cattle-monitoring-system namespace and check the boxes for rancher-monitoring-crd and rancher-monitoring.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Confirm Delete.

Result: rancher-monitoring is uninstalled.

Note on Persistent Grafana Dashboards: For users who are using Monitoring V2 v9.4.203 or below, uninstalling the Monitoring chart will delete the cattle-dashboards namespace, which will delete all persisted dashboards, unless the namespace is marked with the annotation "keep". This annotation is added by default in Monitoring V2 v14.5.100+ but can be manually applied on the cattle-dashboards namespace before an uninstall if an older version of the Monitoring chart is currently installed onto your cluster.