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Version: v2.5

Windows and Linux Cluster Feature Parity

Windows clusters do not share the same feature support as Linux clusters.

The following chart describes the feature parity between Windows and Linux on Rancher as of Rancher v2.5.8:

RKE2SupportedTenatively Planned For 2.6.x
K3SSupportedNot Supported
EKSSupportedNot Supported
GKESupportedNot Supported
AKSSupportedNot Supported
Rancher Components
ServerSupportedNot Supported
EKS OperatorSupportedNot Supported
AKS OperatorNot SupportedNot Supported
GKE OperatorNot SupportedNot Supported
Alerting v1SupportedSupported
Monitoring v1SupportedSupported
Logging v1SupportedSupported
Monitoring/Alerting v2SupportedSupported In 2.5.8+
Logging v2SupportedSupported In 2.5.8+
IstioSupportedNot Supported
Catalog v1SupportedNot Supported
Catalog v2SupportedNot Supported
OPASupportedNot Supported
LonghornSupportedNot Supported
CIS ScansSupportedNot Supported
Backup/Restore OperatorSupportedNot Supported
CNI / Add-ons
CanalSupportedNot Supported
CalicoSupportedTentatively Planned for 2.6.x
CiliumSupportedNot Supported
MultusSupportedNot Supported
TraefikSupportedNot Supported
NGINX IngressSupportedNot Supported

For updated information on feature support, you may visit rancher/windows on GitHub.