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Version: v2.6

Continuous Delivery

As of Rancher v2.5, Fleet comes preinstalled in Rancher, and as of Rancher v2.6, Fleet can no longer be fully disabled. However, the Fleet feature for GitOps continuous delivery may be disabled using the continuous-delivery feature flag.

To enable or disable this feature, refer to the instructions on the main page about enabling experimental features.

Environment Variable KeyDefault ValueDescription
continuous-deliverytrueThis flag disables the GitOps continuous delivery feature of Fleet.

If Fleet was disabled in Rancher v2.5.x, it will become enabled if Rancher is upgraded to v2.6.x. Only the continuous delivery part of Fleet can be disabled. When continuous-delivery is disabled, the gitjob deployment is no longer deployed into the Rancher server's local cluster, and continuous-delivery is not shown in the Rancher UI.