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Version: v2.6

EC2 Machine Configuration Reference

For more details about EC2 nodes, refer to the official documentation for the EC2 Management Console.


The geographical region in which to build your cluster.


The zone, an isolated location within a region to build your cluster

Instance Type

The instance type, which determines the hardware characteristics, used to provision your cluster.

Root Disk Size

Configure the size (in GB) for your root device.


The VPC or specific subnet, an IP range in your VPC, to add your resources to.

IAM Instance Profile Name

The name of the instance profile used to pass an IAM role to an EC2 instance.

Advanced Options


The Amazon Machine Image used for the nodes in your cluster.

SSH Username for AMI

The username for connecting to your launched instances. Refer to here for the default usernames to selected AMIs. For AMIs not listed, check with the AMI provider.

Security Group

Choose the default security group or configure a security group.

Please refer to Amazon EC2 security group when using Node Driver to see what rules are created in the rancher-nodes Security Group.

EBS Root Volume Type

The EBS volume type to use for the root device.

Encrypt EBS Volume

Enable Amazon EBS Encryption.

Request Spot Instance

Enable option to request spot instances and specify the maximum instance price per hour you're willing to pay.

Use only private address

Enable option on use only private addresses.

EBS-Optimized Instance

Use an EBS-optimized instance.

Allow access to EC2 metadata

Enable access to EC2 metadata.

Use tokens for metadata

Use Instance Metadata Service Version 2 (IMDSv2), a token-based method to access metadata.

Add Tag

Add metadata using tags to categorize resources.