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Version: v2.7

Assigning Pod Security Policies

Pod Security Policies are objects that control security-sensitive aspects of pod specification (like root privileges).

Adding a Default Pod Security Policy

When you create a new cluster with RKE, you can configure it to apply a PSP immediately. As you create the cluster, use the Cluster Options to enable a PSP. The PSP assigned to the cluster will be the default PSP for projects within the cluster.


Create a Pod Security Policy within Rancher. Before you can assign a default PSP to a new cluster, you must have a PSP available for assignment. For instruction, see Creating Pod Security Policies.


For security purposes, we recommend assigning a PSP as you create your clusters.

To enable a default Pod Security Policy, set the Pod Security Policy Support option to Enabled, and then make a selection from the Default Pod Security Policy drop-down.

When the cluster finishes provisioning, the PSP you selected is applied to all projects within the cluster.