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Version: v2.8

Operating System Management with Elemental

Elemental enables cloud-native host management. Elemental allows you to onboard any machine in any location, whether its in a datacenter or on the edge, and integrate them seamlessly into Kubernetes while managing your workflows (e.g., OS updates).

Elemental with Rancher

Elemental in Rancher:

  • Is Kubernetes native, which allows you to manage the OS via Elemental in Kubernetes clusters.
  • Is nondisruptive from a Kubernetes operational perspective.
  • Is declarative and GitOps friendly.
  • Allows OCI Image-based flows, which are trusted, deterministic, and predictable.
  • Works at scale. It enables fleet-sized OS management.

When should I use Elemental?

  • Elemental enables cloud-native OS management from Rancher manager. It works with any OS (e.g., SLE Micro vanilla).
  • Elemental allows cloud-native management for machines in datacenters and on the edge.
  • Elemental is flexible and allows platform teams to perform all kind of workflows across their fleet of machines.

Elemental with Rancher Prime

  • Deeply integrated already as GUI Extension in Rancher.
  • Extends the Rancher story to the OS. Working perfectly with SLE Micro for Rancher today.