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Version: v2.0-v2.4

Run a Scan Periodically on a Schedule

Recurring scans can be scheduled to run on any RKE Kubernetes cluster.

To enable recurring scans, edit the advanced options in the cluster configuration during cluster creation or after the cluster has been created.

To schedule scans for an existing cluster:

  1. Go to the cluster view in Rancher.
  2. Click Tools > CIS Scans.
  3. Click Add Schedule. This takes you to the section of the cluster editing page that is applicable to configuring a schedule for CIS scans. (This section can also be reached by going to the cluster view, clicking ⋮ > Edit, and going to the Advanced Options.)
  4. In the CIS Scan Enabled field, click Yes.defined in a separate ConfigMap
  5. In the CIS Scan Interval (cron) job, enter a cron expression to define how often the cluster will be scanned.
  6. In the CIS Scan Report Retention field, enter the number of past reports that should be kept.

Result: The security scan will run and generate reports at the scheduled intervals.

The test schedule can be configured in the cluster.yml:

    enabled: true
            override_benchmark_version: rke-cis-1.4
            profile: permissive
        cron_schedule: 0 0 * * *
        retention: 24