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Version: v2.6

Overriding the Default Limit for a Namespace

Although the Namespace Default Limit propagates from the project to each namespace when created, in some cases, you may need to increase (or decrease) the quotas for a specific namespace. In this situation, you can override the default limits by editing the namespace.

In the diagram below, the Rancher administrator has a resource quota in effect for their project. However, the administrator wants to override the namespace limits for Namespace 3 so that it has more resources available. Therefore, the administrator raises the namespace limits for Namespace 3 so that the namespace can access more resources.

Namespace Default Limit Override

Namespace Default Limit Override

How to: Editing Namespace Resource Quotas

Editing Namespace Resource Quotas

If there is a resource quota configured for a project, you can override the namespace default limit to provide a specific namespace with access to more (or less) project resources.

  1. In the upper left corner, click ☰ > Cluster Management.

  2. On the Clusters page, go to the cluster where you want to edit a namespace resource quota and click Explore.

  3. Click Cluster > Projects/Namespaces.

  4. Find the namespace for which you want to edit the resource quota. Click ⋮ > Edit Config.

  5. Edit the resource limits. These limits determine the resources available to the namespace. The limits must be set within the configured project limits.

    For more information about each Resource Type, see the type reference.

    • If a resource quota is not configured for the project, these options will not be available.
    • If you enter limits that exceed the configured project limits, Rancher will not let you save your edits.

Result: Your override is applied to the namespace's resource quota.