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Version: v2.7

Troubleshooting Rancher Prime PAYG Cluster in AWS

This section contains information to help troubleshoot issues when installing the Rancher Prime PAYG offering.

Jobs and Pods

Check the status of pods or jobs:

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

If a pod is not in a Running state, you can attempt to find the root cause with the following commands:

  • Describe pod: kubectl describe pod <pod-name> -n <namespace>
  • Pod container logs: kubectl logs <pod-name> -n <namespace>
  • Describe job: kubectl describe job <job-name> -n <namespace>
  • Logs from the containers of pods of the job: kubectl logs -l job-name=<job-name> -n <namespace>

Recovering from Failed Pods

  1. If any of the pods aren't running, check the rancher-cloud pod:

    kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep rancher-cloud
  2. If the rancher-cloud pod is in an Error state, wait for the pod to be deleted. This should take about one minute.

  3. Fix the problem and run:

    helm upgrade -n cattle-rancher-csp-deployer-system rancher-cloud --create-namespace \
    oci://<repository>/rancher-cloud-helm/rancher-cloud --install \
    --version <chart-version> \
    --set rancherHostname=<host-name> \
    --set rancherServerURL=https://<host-name> \
    --set rancherReplicas=<replicas> \
    --set<aws-account-id> \

Rancher Usage Record Not Found

When you attempt to retrieve a usage record, you might see the following message:

Error from server (NotFound): "rancher-usage-record not found" Check Configuration, Retrieve generated configuration csp-config

To resolve the error, run:

kubectl get configmap -n cattle-csp-billing-adapter-system csp-config -o yaml

If a configuration is not listed, you can attempt to find the root cause by checking the pod status and log. See Jobs and Pods for more details.