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Version: v2.9 (Preview)

Helm Version Requirements

This section contains the requirements for Helm, which is the tool used to install Rancher on a high-availability Kubernetes cluster.

The installation instructions have been updated for Helm 3. For migration of installs started with Helm 2, refer to the official Helm 2 to 3 Migration Docs. This section provides a copy of the older high-availability Rancher installation instructions that used Helm 2, and it is intended to be used if upgrading to Helm 3 is not feasible.


Helm v2 support is deprecated as of the Rancher v2.7 line and will be removed in Rancher v2.9.

  • Helm v3.2.x or higher is required to install or upgrade Rancher v2.5.
  • Helm v2.16.0 or higher is required for Kubernetes v1.16. For the default Kubernetes version, refer to the release notes for the version of RKE that you are using.
  • Helm v2.15.0 should not be used, because of an issue with converting/comparing numbers.
  • Helm v2.12.0 should not be used, because of an issue with cert-manager.