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AWS Marketplace Integration


Rancher offers an integration with the AWS Marketplace which allows users to purchase a support contract with SUSE. This integration allows you easily adjust your support needs as you start to support more clusters.


  • You must be running Rancher v2.6.7 or higher
  • Rancher must be deployed with additional metrics enabled.
  • Rancher must be installed on an EKS cluster.
  • You must purchase at least one entitlement to Rancher support through AWS Marketplace.
  • You may need additional setup to support proxy/airgap use cases. See the prerequisites for more information.

How to Use

  1. Complete the prerequisite steps.
  2. Install the CSP Adapter.


Can I purchase support for more nodes later on?

Yes. Simply go to the AWS Marketplace entry that you used to initially purchase support and increase the number of entitlements.

Can I use multiple instances of Rancher in the same AWS account?

Yes. However, each cluster that Rancher is installed in will need to adhere to the prerequisites.

In addition, keep in mind that a given entitlement can only be used by one Rancher management server at a time.